Ever felt in a rut?

I’m turning 60 in another month or so and decided it’s time for change! Hair, make-up, wardrobe and perhaps lifestyle. Minimalism might be my best friend!


I went to cosmetology school years ago to cut hair and it’s hard not to chop on my own hair now and then. Let’s just say I did quite a lot of chopping just a little over an hour ago. This is the look I’m going for:


I have the length right but it doesn’t have as many layers in it yet. I can’t believe I’m copying her hairstyle when I want my own look! I have a feeling it will be mine alright – I’m not as young as Posh Spice nor as thin (I mean,  what does she weight, 90lbs soaking wet?) but I’ll feel like a million! I already do and I’m not finished yet. We’ll see how this turns out. Hey – I can always have someone fix it, right? (Edited to add: It does NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! Darn)


My signature daytime make-up look is going to be pencil eyeliner, blush and lipstick. I hate the mess mascara makes but I can hardly go without it at night. That’s where I’ll leave it!


This is going to be tough. I’m on a strict budget. I still love jeans but want to look a bit more polished and who can wear jeans in 90 degree weather?

And to think this is only the beginning!


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