Cathy’s Memory – Nothing Found! Ha Ha



I’m setting up another blog to hold notes and links to frequently used sites. When I opened it this morning, this is what I found and I thought it was hilarious! 🙂


Ever felt in a rut?

I’m turning 60 in another month or so and decided it’s time for change! Hair, make-up, wardrobe and perhaps lifestyle. Minimalism might be my best friend!


I went to cosmetology school years ago to cut hair and it’s hard not to chop on my own hair now and then. Let’s just say I did quite a lot of chopping just a little over an hour ago. This is the look I’m going for:


I have the length right but it doesn’t have as many layers in it yet. I can’t believe I’m copying her hairstyle when I want my own look! I have a feeling it will be mine alright – I’m not as young as Posh Spice nor as thin (I mean,  what does she weight, 90lbs soaking wet?) but I’ll feel like a million! I already do and I’m not finished yet. We’ll see how this turns out. Hey – I can always have someone fix it, right? (Edited to add: It does NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! Darn)


My signature daytime make-up look is going to be pencil eyeliner, blush and lipstick. I hate the mess mascara makes but I can hardly go without it at night. That’s where I’ll leave it!


This is going to be tough. I’m on a strict budget. I still love jeans but want to look a bit more polished and who can wear jeans in 90 degree weather?

And to think this is only the beginning!

New direction for Snippets and Bits

If any of you are still subscribed to this blog you’ll realize I haven’t posted in a few years. This blog has been used for various subjects in the past but now it’s just going to be my personal blog. Everything about peak oil, building my own home or any other subject has been deleted.

You’ll find small town living, crafts, ideas, thoughts, rants and raves as well as other less important issues! 🙂 Welcome and enjoy.